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Healthy People for a Healthy Business

Workplaces - where adults typically spend half or more of their day - have a powerful impact on an individual’s health.

If your are looking for services for your colleagues, employees or to augment your business event, look no further. Hands Inc's Massage@Work packages are designed to keep your business and your people healthy and happy.

We have a track record of delivering innovative and inspiring activities that will engage your colleagues or staff. Our clients have included community, public and private sector organisations. Hands Inc also supported London Borough of Hackney, as part of a working group, to develop their Healthy Workforce Strategy for their employees.

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"The cost of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) to employers is significant, with the most substantial cost component being lost time from work."

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

"Health promotion programmes can have a positive impact on the workforce. Evaluation studies that examined absenteeism, reported that health promotion measures led to between 12% - 36% reduction in sickness absence. This led to a saving of 34% in absenteeism costs, concluding that every pound spent on promoting health in the workplace could lead to a £2.50 saving for businesses. "

2004 Health-related & Economic Benefits of workplace Health Promotion and Prevention-Summary of Scientific Evidence
J Kreis & W Blocker