When you mention the word menopause all to often women’s eyes glaze over either because they are finding the symptoms debilitating, or they feel embarrassed, or think its got nothing to do with them!

Well ladies its a subject that we should all pay attention to as 85% of women struggle with menopause symptoms and most don’t know how to manage the transition that all women will eventually face.

Why not come along to our friendly women’s group to learn more about the Menopause, share your experiences and get support.

Fortnightly Thursdays, 6-8pm at Navarino Mansions Community Hall

For more information contact Juliet on 0203 051 8626 or email

Navarino Mansions Community Hall is situated on the main road opposite a primary school. Five minutes walk from Hackney Downs Station on the same side of the road, going towards Dalston Junction. Landmark: Tesco (same side of road), Primary school (opposite side of the road).

Bus 56 or 30 a few bus stops if coming from Dalston junction.

Bus 276 from Stoke Newington to Hackney Downs stop. Cross the road going up Dalston Lane past the Station.

From Hackney Town hall or Hackney Central: Bus 30 going towards Dalston will drop you close by on the same side of the road.

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