Whether you want a complementary therapy treatment  as part of a health maintenance routine, to address existing health problems, to enable greater employee health, or to book our services for your event, our range of complementary therapies will have something for everyone.

Our friendly team of dedicated therapists are all professionally qualified, insured and affiliated to a governing body. We also offer learning opportunities for complementary therapy students at the final stages of their training.

A health check of all our clients will be carried out before treatment to ensure the treatment is appropriate to clients needs and current health condition.

"It's good to have somewhere in the community to recommend our clients to where we know they will be looked after  in a caring professional manner."

Derman Mental Wellbeing Organisation

Outreach Massage Service: We can bring our outreach massage service to any indoor or outdoor event or venue of your choosing. This can be for a one off event, an ongoing service for your clients or as part of our Massage@Work service. We offer a range of treatments to suit locality and health care needs. We also run wellbeing events that can feature complementary therapies and healthy living activities.Contact Us to discuss your individual needs.


"Their tutors trainers and masseuse are always friendly patient and perfect professionals"

Director of Hackney Refugee Forum


Holistic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

A table massage which uses oil and encourages the body to completely relax. Clothing will need to be removed in order to receive this treatment. Treatments can be tailored to specific conditions. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscles. It helps to loosen muscle tissues, and the build up of tension. It is very often used to relieve chronic muscle and soft tissue pain or injury. Positive results:

• Releases toxins & deep seated tension
• Improves flexibility and relieves pain
• Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems


On-Site Acupressure Massage

on-site acupressure massageA clothed, seated massage that works on the upper body (back, head, neck and shoulders). A great way of introducing massage to the novice and is very popular as a stress buster in the work environment for staff. Why not consider it as a way of attracting attention to your organisation at promotional events?

Positive results:

• Leaves the body feeling uplifted and refreshed
• Relieves stress and tension, eye strain and headache


Indian Head Massage

A specific form of head and upper body massage where no clothing is removed. No oils are required. The physical and mental body is rebalanced by working the upper arms & back, shoulders, neck head and face. Positive results:

• Relief of chronic neck & shoulder stiffness
• Loosens the scalp
• Helps tension headaches, eye strain, ear and jaw aches, sinusitis/congestion



Oiled massage, which uses the healing properties of essential oils. Essences are extracted from a variety of plants to create oils which each have unique healing properties. This treatment works much like a table massage with the added benefit of the essential oils. Clothing will need to be removed.


reflexologyThis treatment works on the basis that the hands and feet acts as a map to the whole body. By manipulating and applying pressure to the different areas of the feet or hands, the whole body is stimulated and rejuvenated.


A clothed massage with roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu works by stimulating and manipulating different pressure points around the body to relieve pain and energy blocks. The therapist works on the floor with a futon.


This treatment works with the body’s subtle energies to give a gentle healing treatment, and works with the light laying on of hands. No clothing is removed, this is a relaxing and non invasive treatment.


Acupuncture forms part of a 2,000 year old Traditional Chinese Medical system which aims at promoting well being.
During the  initial consultation the practitioner takes your medical history including your main presenting your condition, discusses relevant aspects of your lifestyle and  examines your pulse, tongue and abdomen. In treatments,  single-use fine sterile disposable needles are inserted into specifically chosen acu-points along the energy channels known as meridians.
By regulating the  ‘qi’ or vital energy of the acu points and meridians acupuncture can help re-establish the free flow of qi to restore balance and trigger the body's natural healing response.  Acupuncture can promote feelings of well being and help you feel more positive, relaxed and revitalised.
Acupuncture is  recognised as being clinically effective for conditions such as:

  • Non specific low back pain
  • Osteo-arthritis of the knee
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dental pain.

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