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Hands Inc, is a registered Charity whose mission is to inspire health and wellbeing. We do this through the provision of complementary therapies, healthy lifestyle activities and our Wellbeing@Work programme. Our team is made up of passionate people who have contributed to the development of an organisation that is innovative in its approach and desire to increase access to holistic health and wellbeing activities.

Whether you are an individual, a community organisation, an employer, statutory body or GP, or have a personal budget there are programmes tailored for you, your clients or staff.

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Our Work in the Community

Hands Inc developed in 2001 in response to the need for massage and respite care within distressed families. Our family work grew to include those most in need, most prone to experience discrimination, social isolation, illness, disability and those with a multitude of problems that ultimately affects their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. This group frequently experience inequalities in healthcare provision and poor health.

We deliver our services in a variety of settings to help demystify them and increase access. Our main focus is to provide avenues for a healthy lifestyle, inspire wellbeing, raise self esteem, reduce anxiety, pain and stress.

Our Work with Employers & Staff

In order to reach our target groups we work in partnership with groups and organisations that serve our client base. Our remit later extended to help support their employees and encourage employers to work towards best practice in establishing health and wellbeing at work. This gave rise to our Wellbeing@Work programme, which provides services to employers and their staff. We supported London Borough of Hackney in the development of their 'Healthy Workforce Strategy', for staff across the borough.

Browse our Wellbeing@Work pages for information about services for your organisation. Funds generated from this area of our work gets put back into Hands Inc to support the work we do in the community. See our Get Involved section to explore ways that you can make a difference to the lives of children & adults most in need.

What We Believe

Hands Inc believe that everyone has the right to a healthy life style and that a holistic and integrated approach to health increases wellbeing and empowers individuals. We work at grass roots and engage with policy makers to help improve the life chances of the individuals and communities we work with. Because, we believe that healthy people create a healthy society.


"Pain was an everyday part of my life. The massage sessions with Hands Inc has reduced the amount of cramp seizures I have. I can now get on and enjoy my life and not be ruled by the pain that used to consume me."

Clinic Service Users

"Hands Inc have the incredible ability to pull exceptionally able professionals together delivering an equally exceptionally gainful experience free at the point of delivery."

Menopause Project Participant

"The patients only have good things to say about the service and it is accessed from a plethora of age groups and appeals to the group as a whole. The reports and feedback that we receive from Hands Inc reviewing the services that they provide are invaluable and enable us to see the benefit of the services that are being provided."

Natasha Lewis
Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia, Lead Nurse
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"Hands Inc programmes make a hugely important contribution to the health and well-being strand of our provision in the borough. The organisation has a strong community focus, designing courses and workshops based on needs analysis and consultation with service users"

Jill Gander
Community Development Manager
Adult Learning Services, Hackney Learning Trust

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